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Our story

Our Story

Pomegranate: Seeds of Knowledge

“Take this Pomegranate as a token of our gratitude!” Surprised and a little confused, I thanked this kind Greek lady and held this mysterious looking piece of fruit in my hand. “Why a pomegranate?” I asked the girl with a curious tone in my voice. Smiling back at me she explained that in Greece the pomegranate fruit symbolises luck, new beginnings, well wishes and is given to people on special occasions and/or life defining chapters such as child birth, weddings, graduations, a new job. It’s a way to say ‘thank you’ and ‘good luck’. The pomegranate seeds resemble the days of your life- each seed being an ambassador of the possibilities you can embrace.

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Pomegranate fruit symbolises luck, new beginnings, well wishes

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Driving away from Idomeni, with the fading image of the refugee camp still in sight. I looked at my Pomegranate, my gift, from all angles, curious what it may bring into my life. As soon as I reached my hotel in Thessaloniki, I started to research the cultural symbolism of this interesting red fruit. It turned out that the pomegranate, anar, رمان , grenade, Granatapfel…carries not just a cultural and religious symbolism in Greece but in many parts of our colourful planet, such as India, Afghanistan & Turkey. Interestingly, it is mentioned in religious scripts of the Abrahamic religions. In art, fashion, health & beauty ‘the Pomegranate’ is all around us.

Returning to Dubai no time was wasted. My friend and business partner Marie and I started working on our project, our business and our passion ‘The Pomegranate Institute’. Connecting people through language, culture, customs and lifestyle.

We are blessed and thankful to be in the UAE and created a concept that will adapt to the dynamic heartbeat of Dubai.

Mariam Shibib, Founder of Pomegranate Institute


Connecting people through language, culture, customs and lifestyle.

Pomegranate Institute is many things but above all a place to bring everyone from everywhere under one roof

Come & visit Pomegranate Institute in Al Barsha – a place where everything and everyone come together. Easy & plenty of parking and no traffic. Convenient public transport links straight to our doorstep. A versatile neighborhood and with all amenities in close reach.

Our doors are open 7 days a week to everyone wanting to learn and explore. Our native speaking language teachers, inspirational speakers and motivational coaches will take you on a memorable journey to unlock what’s best in you.

Enjoy our fresh pomegranate juice whilst exploring our rich Pom-library carrying books in all languages and have a chat with us to identify ways to help you flourish at your job, studies and personal skills development. You will feel pom-tastic! Guaranteed.

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Our doors are open 7 days a week to everyone wanting to learn and explore.

Become a Pom-Member & benefit from special offers, fun & adventurous ways to explore the UAE & everyone in it.



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