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4 Ways To Learn A New Language Today

4 Ways To Learn A New Language Today

4 Ways To Learn A New Language Today

Learning a new language can be daunting for many. When mentioning learning a foreign language how to learn Arabic, to someone they instantly think of the amount of time required to learn, the complicated pronunciation(s) and of course the writing and spelling of foreign words.  Yet, this is really not the case and it can sometimes be a misconception due to a bad experience of learning a language in school.

However, with so many benefits to learning a new language, it seems a shame not to take action and start.

Now you maybe reading this and still thinking to yourself that you tried previously to learn a language in school but failed. And this is totally fine, and most certainly not because you are incapable of doing so.

The most important thing is that you are willing to give it a go again.

But what are the best ways to learn a new language for you?

Well at Pomegranate Language Institute in Dubai, we understand that everyone learns differently, learns at different speeds and know that everyone has the potential to learn a new language no matter what their background, ethnicity or education level.

But what are the best ways of learning a new language? Well here are 4 ways you can start to learning today.


Learning a new language by reading a book may seem like an obvious answer to most, but these days it is becoming very rare. Let me ask you, when was the last time you visited the library? For most it may have been quite a while ago.

Now this could well be due to the growth of the Internet and other more accessible methods that have become available such as tablet and kindle devices.

But reading and studying a new language from a book is an excellent way to learn.

The main downfall to learning a language from reading is that you may struggle with the pronunciation of words and phrases.

Although reading is good, it’s probably not the very best way.


Remember the school teacher playing audio cassettes in your French class so that you could hear someone speak French with an accent for the first time whilst at the same time helping your listening skills?

Well audio is still a very good method of learning a language even today, providing that the sound quality is sharp and the teachings are clear.

Nowadays it is easy for everyone to transfer audio onto an iPod or mobile device to be played anytime anywhere and learn a new language whilst driving to work.


Like audio, you may have experienced watching and learning a new language on a school VHS player in your language classes.

With the positive progression in technology it is easier than ever to watch video by streaming lessons online.

Learning from video is a great method of learning for people who don’t live close to a language institute.

Class Room

Not only one of the most traditional ways of learning but learning a language in a class room environment is highly regarded as being the most effective.

Having professional language teachers on hand to deliver an engaging, interactive and interesting experience far outweighs learning from a video, audio or a book.

Teachers can provide on the spot help to ensure that you understand the language pronunciations and accents as well as answer questions that you may have there and then.

On top of these benefits, being able to network with others in your class who are all learning the language, sharing the same experiences at the same time as you will help motivate you in completing your goal.

If you would like to learn a new language today then we would love to hear from you. Find out more how our team at the Pomegranate Institute can help you by clicking here.