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5 Reasons Why Learning A Language Can Help You

5 Reasons Why Learning A Language Can Help You

5 Reasons Why Learning A Language Can Help You

As a leading language institute in Dubai, we frequently get asked from our students, what is the benefit of learning a new language?

Well from our experience there’s more than one benefit to learning a language. The benefits and advantages of learning a new language are simply incredible.

Below are what we believe are the top 5 reasons why learning a new language can help you.

1. Learning a new language increases your brainpower

A large majority of world’s population only speak one language and may assume that others who can speak multiple languages are ‘geniuses’, although this is not necessarily the case.

Learning a new language exercises our brain as it processes the new information.

A foreign language involves new rules, meanings, etymology and other complexities.

The brain thrives on these new learning’s and changes gear to prepare itself to digest this new information ready to be processed.

As the brain works out meanings and makes full use of this new stash of information to project ideas, it polishes its abilities on problem solving and negotiation.

2. Learning a new language will improve your memory

This goes hand in hand with the benefit we mentioned above in regards to improving brainpower.

Taking in new information and accessing it on demand requires your memory to be exercised.

Your memory will be put to its test during the process of learning a new language.

The more frequently you use your brain then the better it performs. Training your brain to remember new vocabulary, language structures and rules is one of the best ways of exercising your memory skills.

You will discover that multilingual people have well exercised brains and as a result are able to easily recall lists, directions and people’s names much faster than someone who only speaks one language.

3. It makes a person open to other cultures

Many of us may think that we are very open minded when it comes to learning about a culture however after learning a new language you will find that you try harder to understand and learn more about a countries culture, ways and manners.

Learn Arabic in Dubai and see the world from different vantage points and having a deeper appreciation for other cultures is positive personal development.

After learning a new language you may also find yourself traveling to new countries that you may not have considered travelling to before, whilst enjoying new foods and cultures. After all, they do say that travel broadens the mind!

4. It builds self-confidence

After learning a new language many of our students have advised us that they have noticed a dramatic boost in their self-confidence.

After mastering a new skill such as learning Spanish for example, other abilities are developed. You may even find yourself spending more time with other multilingual people like yourself and making new friends.

5. New doors are opened

If you are living in Dubai then learning how to speak Arabic may be one of the best things you can do for your professional career or business.

Being able to communicate with local business owners and demonstrating that you speak their language can not only be seen as a wow factor but also avoid any communication breakdowns which may result in failure of a task and loss of money.

If you are based in the UAE and would like to find out more information on how you can start learning a new language today then click here.