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A book a day keeps the soul dust away

A book a day keeps the soul dust away

Imagine yourself sitting in a cafe in Paris on a sunny afternoon with a café au lait, a croissant and a book. Yes, la vie en rose !

This feeling of comfort and joy of letting your surrounding bedazzle you and watching people walking by- with a sense of peace in the air..

That’s the magic of reading- taking you to where the story is taking place, helping you forget everything & everyone around you.

Giving you the opportunity to refuel and simply have some ‘you’ time.

When my friends ask me what do I miss the most ? – I always have the same answer « flâner ».

There is no equivalent in English. Only those who lived, traveled to Paris can really undersand it- or those- understanding & appreciating the power of a book !

The closest thing to describing the meaning of this word could probably be ‘to stroll/ to wander with no real purpose’. Enjoying the beauty of the moment.

Books tend to wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

You can read anywhere, anyplace, anytime ! On the plane, in the park, on the metro on a mountain top !

We invite you to come & visit our rich library that carries books from around the world. Grab a bean bag, a tea, plant yourself in a chosen corner and let the flâner journey begin!

For it is you who looks after your own wellbeing and books keep us sane, happy and prolong our lives.

Today is World Book Day & no matter if you are a traditional book fan (who doesn’t love the smell of eau de livre!) or prefer to read the digital way (also our cup of tea!) simply remember that reading a book washes away our soul dust, hence boosts your creativity and unleashes your mind power

Simply read- simply be.