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Become more productive by managing your stress

Become more productive by managing your stress

As human beings, it is normal to suffer from stress. It can be stimulating in short spurts, but if not managed properly, the pressures of work could initiate a multitude of problems. An accelerated heart rate, tense muscles, anxiety, anger, agitation and trouble focusing are just a few of the side effects of stress. To tackle stress in the workplace, you must acknowledge your limits and discuss them with your superior. It may be that shorter working hours, a hands-off-work policy at lunch, or simply a holiday is all that you need to get back on track

Here are techniques on how you can easily manage and reduce stress at work:

1. Breathe
The first thing that you should do is to breathe in deeply. Studies have shown that controlled breathing leads to calmer minds. Take a slow, long breath, expanding your diaphragm to your belly while inhaling, and exhaling completely before repeating the process.

2. Sleep
You need at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep for your body to recover from daily activities. This, in turn, promotes health and reduces stress.

3. Eat
Eat nutritiously three times a day. Reduce your consumption of sugary foods to avoid energy crashes. Consuming complex carbohydrates such as pasta and potato are good dinner choices. These foods tend to have a calming effect. Caffeine and nicotine have been known to increase stress levels. It may be better to drink herbal tea instead of coffee and tea.

4. Exercise
This is a great way to burn off negative energy. Research shows that exercising for a minimum of five minutes is enough to release endorphins, a hormone responsible for making you feel good. The end result is that you will be calmer in a stressful situation. Exercising also helps you concentrate and sharpens your focus. Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is one way of making a lifestyle change for the better. It can be as basic as a walk around the block.

5. Laugh
You are probably already smiling by looking at this heading. Learn to let go of problems and put on a happy face. Become an optimist and learn to look at the bright side. Think of positive outcomes and experiences.

6. Prioritize
Do not let the workload overwhelm you. It’s acceptable to ask others for help. Discuss feelings with friends and family. Make a list of the things that you need to do. Order them according to their level of importance. Prioritize the ones that need to be completed urgently. Remember, tackle one task at a time. It is okay to make mistakes, so don’t beat yourself up about things that are out of your control.

Taking care of yourself is the most important aspect of being a competent employee. When your mind is clear, you are able to focus 100% on tasks and complete assignments effectively, you will be able to prove to your boss how valuable an asset you are to the organization.