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Be Empowered With Our Womanity Courses

Be Empowered With Our Womanity Courses

“Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses”

The word ‘woman’ carries a lot of responsibility, emotion, & strength. Since birth, a woman nurtures her womanhood, which encompasses solidity and duty. This differs from one female to another, and from one culture to another. A woman can carry multiple roles and be successful at all of them. The mother, the wife, the daughter, the sister, the friend, the aunt, the businesswoman, the role model, the psychologist and the list can go on.

A human that can endure life’s challenges, and still be able to wake up the next day, make breakfast for her family, take her children to school, go to her job, return home making sure that her family eats the tastiest food, gets everyone cozy for the night, and then does some last-minute chores late at night. This is a Woman! She is able to do all these duties with love, care, and a smile. In one day she is able to be a good wife, an exceptional mother, and a hardworking employee. She has 3 roles in one day- other days might require her to take on other roles as well.

We are a woman owned business & 70% of the pom-family is female. Our own experiences dictate how hard it can be to bridge each day with a smile and a feeling of gratitude & a calm heart. We understand very well how much stress, planning, and coordination goes into the daily lives of every lady. For women to stop searching and start finding, we have created a section dedicated to the healing and safeguarding of a woman’s heart and soul, with emphasis on courses such as Hypnotherapy, Relationship Coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Generally, all our courses apply to everyone. In this instance, we committed a section for women, to ease their pom-experience when searching for courses specifically for women.

We are ready for you- join our circle of trust, love & care.


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing & Sales Executive - Social Unicorn
Pomegranate Institute