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Celebrating Women!

Celebrating Women!

Women worldwide have endured a long history of injustice, inequality, and struggle. Yet, I can say today, that some of the most influential people on earth are women. Their ability of coming out from the hardest of hardships as strong independent individuals is incredible. Women’s Day is commemorated in several ways around the world. Some communities launch initiatives for women, such as aiding displaced women, offering them gifts or sweets.

The student, the working mother, the housewife, and the businesswoman all go through daily struggles to fight stereotypes, break down judgmental looks, and be successful at the million things they are juggling. A round of applause to appreciate every single lady out there, you are remarkable!

With that said, modest appreciation techniques can be done to express gratitude towards the valuable women in each and everyone of our lives. Instead of focusing on gifting women gifts of temporary value, give them something with a permanent impacts- something of eternal value. Gift your special woman in your life something worth more than a thousand products. Surprising your loved lady with a perfume will always make her smile- and smell good! But, once the bottle is finished, the effect of the perfume will be gone, and she will go back with what she started with. However, imagine getting her an “I Love Me” workshop. She will attend the workshop for 4 to 5 hours, and come back with a brand new outlook on herself, her life, and her perception of those around her. Make them beautiful inside/out.

Honour this occasion throughout the month of March and appreciate your female colleagues, friends & family members by treating them with our Womanity Courses! Each and every single one of our courses is carefully created to the healing and safeguarding of a woman’s heart and soul!


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing & Sales Executive - Social Unicorn
Pomegranate Institute