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Create, Innovate, Propagate. Be Remembered

Create, Innovate, Propagate. Be Remembered

This is the story of Kui-Kui, the guy who was disturbed by the fact that the stories of his tribe were not being told the way it actually happened and each time the story was told it was missing a part of it’s magic. He needed to find a solution to make those stories permanent and passed on to next generations with dignity and honesty. One night while he was gazing at the empty walls of his cave he noticed a scratch made by a white stone that had the shape of Ouso his beloved dog. Then it happened, the A-Ha moment had arrived and stories of our ancestors were told.

From the moment of discovering fire and seeds plantation to space travel and quantum computing throughout the history, we had to be creative to be able to solve our everyday problems. With the passage of time the need to be creative is getting more and more essential and even critical to our own survival.

I know most of you out there had thought, at least once, of those first timers and asked yourself how did it actually happen?

Well, let me tell you this: Creating a new idea is nothing but a combination of pre-existing elements & the ability to combine the not-so-obvious relationship among them– my friends, this is called creativity.


Elementary my dear Watson..

It’s true that the A-Ha moments are so magical and one would think that it happens merely by coincidence while chilling and waiting for inspiration to rain upon you but it doesn’t work like that AT ALL.

The process of creating ideas is time consuming, hence, our brain needs to be trained to search for those relationships. Training takes place long before the actual idea-creating process starts. Therefore, creative people get into the habit of using all their senses in order to get their creative juices flowing.

The simplest things in life can inspire a person- starting from a sunrise to the aroma of freshly baked bread. The creativity seekers need to collect information until the right momentum arises to transform this inspirational moment into a creative expression. All this looks like a complete work of magic to Dr. Watson yet it took Sherlock years and years of studying and observing.


I thought your idea to use my ideas was a great idea

By copying the work of others, we are not being creative rather imitative. Although copying is easier, faster and cheaper but what does it tell others about your work or your brand? Where is your own integrity & identity in all this?

Imitating others rather than presenting your own ideas can be very damaging to your business & reputation. You want others to see you for who you are rather than resting in the shadow of someone else.

Loads of information, research and reviews are available to all of us on the web. Trust me, readers do go through a lot of reviews and ask a lot of questions before taking that decision to buy your product or appreciate your work of art. They may be fooled once with your copycat idea or product but the truth will surface one day. This will result in you losing credibility for good.


World Intellectual Property Day

Yes, there are definitely global and local laws governing and protecting intellectual property hence, we are celebrating this day at Pomegranate Institute by supporting WIPD. We are firm believers in telling our own story, celebrating our own achievements & encouraging our learners to be creators of their destiny.

Tell people what you truly want them to know about you, your business, your mission & your dreams.

Create, Innovate, Propagate. Be Remembered.


Rami Touma,
Creative Consultant at Pomegranate Institute