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Debt is the scissor of love

Debt is the scissor of love

Sajid is our first team member  & our Money Maestro. Naturally, the first thing that came to his mind is to write a blog about the two things that matter most to him- family & Pakistan, his homeland, as well as the third thing that he learned to handle with care, money. Sajid truly cares for his colleagues and he is not only an important pillar of this company but a cherished family member. Enjoy his blog & let us know what role money plays in your life and culture.

“ قرض محبت کی کینچی ہے ”

“Debt is the scissor of love”

How ambiguous?

When anyone thinks about Pakistan as a nation, they know we stand for love and care, especially when it includes our family and friends, communicating with the sweetest tongue “Urdu”, yet that very love, care and the closest of relationships can be irrevocably ‘cut’, when debt is the wedge.

Why is this so?

I often ask myself why, and have come to the realization that we give from the deepest of our soul – everything in the name of love, from helping our neighbours, or even a stranger on the street, bending over backwards, but as soon as money – the root of all evil is asked, ties are broken, sometimes permanently.

Lending money is not the issue as we care for all in need, and Pakistan is one of the highest charity donors in the world.

Debt amongst Pakistanis, bears a strain on an easy fun loving relationship, as an uncomfortable conversation may need to be undertaken, breaking promises and inevitably trust. Yes, that is the crux “debt is the scissors of love” as trust is broken and relationships are torn.

I am by no means saying Pakistanis aren’t trustworthy, just, we don’t like talking money matters with those dear to us, for we don’t want to risk losing them by the “scissor of love”.

On a more positive note, I love Pakistan and everything that goes with it, for I am who I am, because of the roots that were instilled in me by parents, and in turn theirs.