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Find Your True Calling

Find Your True Calling

As young children, all we want is a little more time on the TV, or to stay up past our bedtime. We live the moment and we don’t think of the future (unless our parents promised us ice cream the next day). We look at everyone the same way, and don’t really care where our friends come from; we just want to play. We nag until we get what we want, and once we get it we want more.

We then become teenagers and open up to more and more things. We start watching things we are not allowed to watch, in secret. We may live the moment, but start thinking of the future. We begin looking at people based on how they look, or where they come from; we chose our friends more selectively. However, we take one thing from our childhood; we nag until we get what we want, and once we get it we want more.

Time passes in the blink of an eye, and we feel that we suddenly are adults. Our needs become more apparent.  We become loyal to some TV show, or even a book sequence (if we have time to keep up). All we think about is the future, and we might ponder on the past. Some of us might get past other people’s ethnicities and religions, and look straight into their hearts. Others might still be stuck at the surface. Our friends are not many. Some of us might even have made a family. Their own children. Their own life and only focus. Most of us still have that one thing from their childhood; we nag until we get what we want, and once we get it we want more.

Sooner or later we are retired. Life is definitely way more important than TV, but it might be the only source of entertainment since all our kids are busy. Some kids visit us more than others, some not at all. We only think about the past, and the great times we’ve had. We try not to think about the future because it scares some of us. We may have friends, and we may not. At this point however, we lost the one thing from our childhood we carried so dearly throughout the years, which is the ambition for something.

The perseverance of ambition in each and every one of us existed in each stage. Whether it was a toy we wanted badly, or a university we wanted to get into, or even a job position to reach. For that reason, we as humans must use the time we have to go after the things we love, and the goals we want to achieve before we lose the spark. Whether or not your goal is to be successful, always remember that we are here once, and we have one chance. Go out there and create your opportunity. 


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing Intern at Pomegranate Institute