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From Kalamata with love

From Kalamata with love

From …the world , with love  

The academic year is over, schools have closed and you can not wait to go back home! Ahhhhh….. mum’s food , the smell of the soil , the smile of the locals… your language …
This is how I see holidays but the above description doesn’t apply only to my country. This is the way I “do” holidays: I want to try the proper food, visit local fields , meet locals who are proud of their land and learn their language so I can connect with them!

This is what holidays should be. Apart from relaxation and a good book , holidays should be a learning adventure!

So my potential friends , I invite you to Greece to my beloved city of Kalamata, a city with more history than a lot of places on earth! A city where the tavernas are still offering hand cut fries , a land with more than a billion of olive trees , a region full of ancient ruins- I can clearly see King Nestor waving at me – , an old town full of locals happy to sit and have a coffee with you if you ask them to tell you stories about Kalamata.

For this trip you need two swim wears, a hat, one pair of hand made leather Greek sandals ,a linen outfit , your passport and mainly all your curiosity!
If you don’t ask , you don’t learn and if you don’t learn , you didn’t travel ! Sorry for being harsh but I do believe that!

So be curious, learn some basics before your trip, impress your potential new friends, create the bridges for some lifetime friendships because this is who we are here in Kalamata and in the whole world!

If you show me you are interested in knowing me , I will give you my world! I strongly believe that this sentence apply to every person on earth so grab the opportunity and be prepared ! Your next best friend might be fishing next to you.

From Kalamata with love

Virginia Choursoulidi,
Creative Guru at Pomegranate Institute