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Holidays….always in my mind

Holidays….always in my mind

What is that makes us remember a trip we did 10 years ago, but we don’t remember what we ate yesterday? Why do you remember a song or maybe a drink you had somewhere long time ago?

I have a theory and this theory can have one or more reasons combined.

Reason no1: Because you start with positiveness!

Do you like the word? Positiveness is my new mojo. I strongly believe we remember our holidays because we are excited, happy and positive. It is a new experience and we get ready to absorb it all at once!

Reason no2: Because we do something different!

For me, from the moment I step in the airport, I am on holidays! Something new, something different is coming towards me and that- by definition- makes it memorable!

Reason 3: Because we want it to be!

You finally have to time to disconnect from work and routine so your brain makes sure that you live to the full every moment of the holidays. It is a positive brain washing strategy!

Reason 4: Because you DO have time to.

You have time to sit and look around, so you perceive the trees as more beautiful. Because you have time to eat calmly, your food tastes better. Because you have time for a walk, you can feel the breeze and the smell of the warm soil in the summer, the flowers in the spring, maybe the smell of the rain and the smoke of the chimneys in the winter.

Reason 5: Because internet connection is almost inexistent!

The first day it is super annoying as you cannot check social media, but you know what, the second day THAT doesn’t bother you anymore, and the third day you might leave your phone in your room. So things exist because you can see them!

I am sure I can add much more reasons but, can I challenge you a bit? Go back to my reasons and ask yourself:

Is there anything I can change in my life here, today, at that moment, so I can make MY routine positively memorable? The answer is definitely yes, but I leave it to you to decide what you will start with.

Virginia Choursoulidi,
Creative Guru
Pomegranate Institute