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International Day of Women & Girls in Science

International Day of Women & Girls in Science

To recognize the integral role women and girls play in the fields of Science and Technology, United Nations last year decided to dedicate February 11 as ‘International Day of Women & Girls in Science’.

This began in 2016 and continues to be celebrated every year, the UN asserts that girls continue to face stereotypes, social and cultural restrictions. Limiting their access to education and funding for research, preventing them from scientific careers and reaching their full potential is very alarming.

At the same time, girls and women shoulder the heaviest burdens of poverty and inequality – they stand on the frontlines of climate change, including the disasters resulting from natural hazards.

Science and gender equality are vital for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Over the past 15 years, the global community has made a lot of effort in inspiring and engaging women and girls in science.

A scientific study conducted in 14 countries, concluded that female students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctor’s degree in science related fields are 18%, 8% and 2% respectively, while the percentages of male students are 37%, 18% and 6%.

No country can move forward with only half its creativity, energy, and dreams.

Pomegranate Institute firmly believes in empowering women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

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