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Introduced to Tariq Khan

Introduced to Tariq Khan

Introduced to Tariq Khan! 

Tariq has a story he wants to share with you- watch out for a special expression that you will carry away from this blog!

Tariq is our course coordinator & self proclaimed ‘Chief Chatter’! He was nominated Pom-member of the month (well-deserved) and is indeed a seed of happiness, ambition & care! Tariq could have been the creator of ‘customer is king/queen’ as he makes sure to plant a smile on every Pom-customer’s face! We are proud of our Chief Chatter & glad to have him as one of our pom-pom’s!

Work Around 

Have you ever heard of Jugaad? It means “Work Around”. Indians believe in Jugaad– we believe that there is a way around to any problem that exist or is yet to come.

 jugaad 3
jugaad 2
jugaad 1

To me India is a place where work and life is balanced in its own unique way. I never took a vacation in India because every evening was like weekend and every weekend was like a vacation.

I remember when I was working in a Call Center in Mumbai at one of the Leading Telecom Companies in India back in 2005. The place and the people were always entertaining not just because they were my desi (fellow Indians) but they were happy in general. For instance, be it in a small smoke breaks, making fun of fellow agent who faced an angry customer (just to cheer him/her up), asking for additional break time or simply standing in the office lobby for simple chatting.

Those days are some of my unforgettable memories which always brings me back to my young days where everything is about eat, drink and fun.

I remember during lunch time, “tiffins” (Lunch box) were shared with all the agents and “NO” it was not an option but an opportunity to taste so many different foods. You get to taste from Puri Bhaji to Pav Bhaji, Kadi Rice to Chicken Kadai, Vada Pav to Ussal Pav and many more.

Indian food has lots of colors and spices as well as has its own history and tradition. There are more than 29 type of Thali’s (Indian-style meal, made up of various dishes, served on a platter) from different States.

Goa Thali
Hatyana Thali
Rajasthani Thali


Sikkim Thali
Himachal Thali
Nagaland Thali


I am from Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) which is also known as “City that Never Sleeps”. Mumbai is the home of Bollywood or Hindi cinema, the largest film industry in India. I never saw Mumbai stop for anything, it goes well with the saying “the show must go on”. Although official language of Mumbai is Marathi but you can easily manage by using Hindi.

If you ever decide to visit Mumbai, below are the other delicacies I would highly recommend you to try:


1. Veg Jain Sandwich near K.P.B Hinduja College, Charni Road (Trust me its way better than what it looks in below picture) Veg Sandwich
2. Snacks at Chowpatty 


Snack Chowpatty


3. Vadapav from anywhere, it’s awesome  Vada Pav
4. Sardar Pav Bhaji at Tardeo  Sardar


5. Falooda at Shaalimar Mohammed Ali Road  


shalimar 2


6. Seekh Kabab from Bademiya at Colaba 


bademiya 2


As the old saying goes, “To win man’s heart is through his STOMACH” and that is me so try to visit India and you will love it.

For more info about Tariq and Hindi conversational classes, please get in touch with Pomegranate.