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Language Layering

Language Layering

Children are open books. Exposing them to a new language at an early age is one of the simplest ways for learning a different language, for them and their parents. From an early age, their minds are fresh, and open to knowledge, hence they are able to take in whatever they are taught.

It is a great bonus for a child if their native language is English for example, and their parents also speak Arabic, because they would be learning two languages unconsciously.  Growing up in a bilingual household will definitely benefit the child, however, it is the parent’s job to make sure that their child is fluent in both languages. If their child is stronger in one more than the other, the parent should then sign them up for extra classes to ensure that this child masters both languages before adulthood.

Nonetheless, not every youngster gets to grow up in a multilingual family. In this case, if the parents are willing to go an extra mile for their child, then these parents are encouraged to enroll them in a language course. The earlier the children start learning, the easier it is, and the faster the child starts talking in that language. In such a cosmopolitan era, knowing multiple languages is expected and favored therefore, one language is definitely not sufficient.

That being said, at Pomegranate Institute, we make it our mission to get the language, culture, and traditions across to our students in the most enjoyable way possible. Our institute aims to make every learner feel special, taken care of, and happy throughout their learning journey with us. Most importantly, every student whether a child or not, will definitely walk away with a brand new language, culture, and tradition that will remain with them forever.


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing Intern at Pomegranate Institute