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The eyes become the ears & the hands becomes the mouth.

Yes, it’s sign language we’re talking about.

When we think of learning a new language; spoken languages are the first thing that come into our mind.

Go beyond that.

Learn Sign Language.

The American Sign Language (ASL) & British Sign Language are amongst the fastest growing global languages. It’s not just being bilingual but being bi-modal too.

Being bi-modal is using visual-spatial medium, it expands your visual-perceptual skills: spatial awareness, mental rotation skills, visual sensitivity and much more.

It is long being promoted that Sign language gives you an uncanny superpower: the ability to communicate underwater, through windows and yes at loud bars.

Now you would be wondering how and who can benefit from Sign language.

* Over 360 million people globally are deaf or hard on hearing, get to know more such people and pull them into your comfort zone through Sign language. Be more accommodating towards people with disabilities, and overcome communication barriers by exploring the colorful life of the deaf community.

* Parents require an additional skill when dealing with toddlers as they have a natural tendency to follow movements and gestures, they focus and pick things much quicker.

* A treat for couples who in extreme anger and disappointment blurt out something and later feel sorry about it. Sign Language awaits you, as gestures express less annoyance than words. Bonus: Additional eye contact inclusive.

* Become a knowledge bank. Learn ASL & BSL as an alternative source of communication. It enriches and enhances your cognitive processes as well as gives you an edge over your co-workers or friends.

It’s simply a fascinating, beautiful, unique and an expressive language. It might seem complex and challenging but it’s a fulfilling experience & a new skill gained.

It makes you feel empowered and you boast the confidence to communicate with a section of society that are known as ‘special’.

Your skills will make them indeed feel special and you get an opportunity to hear them unspoken.

Distinguish yourself from the rest and incorporate Sign language in to your resume; put forth your best self in the community.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi