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Migrating, studying, working abroad- here’s your guide & tutor

Migrating, studying, working abroad- here’s your guide & tutor

Living in the UAE resembles the life of a global village, waking up to the Kris Fade show on Virgin Radio, playing the latest hits trending from around the globe, whilst sipping on your Italian barista coffee, driving to work surrounded by sunshine, Burj Khalifa peaking out amongst the sea of skyscrapers and faces from everywhere visible through their tinted windows.

Let’s keep in mind that the United Arab Emirates has the highest share of foreign-born people (84% of its population)* Your team meetings are most probably held in English, perhaps in Arabic… yet, the internal voice in you as well as your colleagues’ could whisper in another language, the one belonging to your country of origin or maybe, the country you would like to call home?

We have a long weekend around the corner and such mini breaks give us time to catch up with friends, run overdue errands, try out new places and also to make time to deal with questions that have been a silent companion of ours over the past few weeks, months …perhaps longer?

What am I doing next?

Should you study abroad? Would it help enrich your child’s educational development if you sent him/her abroad this summer, maybe to Germany? Should you consider Canada as your new nesting place? Should you accept this job offer in Turkey? Would you be happier if you gave all this a break & resettled in Australia?

Are you worried about not speaking Turkish? Maybe not fitting into the Canadian culture? Whether your child will be fine at an institute, thousand of miles away from your reach? Will your child like their food? Will you get the Australian jokes due to their strange accent?? All of these questions have one thing in common. It’s about figuring out what it takes to get ready, to be equipped with what is needed to nail that decisive next step.

Traveling is all about experiencing new things and having the mindset and perspective shifted — hanging out with locals, experiencing the local way of life, eating local dishes, learning about their culture and attitudes, adopting their way of life even just for a period of time — simply trying to see things from their perspective.

When moving or visiting a new place, you are not expected to let go of your culture or values, but to keep an open mind & to evolve so that you can successfully adjust and have the greatest chance of achieving success.


A new language, opens the door to a new world. But it doesn’t stop there.

When attempting to fit into any new environment, first and foremost you have to learn about the culture and attitude of its people.

Pomegranate Institute can be your pre-travel prep-coach in helping you reach your chosen destination.

We believe you can’t fall in love with something beyond its outer beauty until you’ve really gotten to know it. You can’t fall in love with a country until you really get to know it inside and out.

We will assist you with the right language skillset required for exam preparation for immigration such as IELTS, DELF, TestDaf, Tömer, Ciele. We will get your business skills up to scratch.

Additionally, we also help students meet the required level of language proficiency to enrol at school/university or any of our partner institutes abroad. Canada for instance requires for immigration purposes IELTS Band 7 and/or DELF B2 level.

Under one roof we offer over 20 global languages with guaranteed linguistic proficiency in English, French, Italian, German amongst many others.?Our courses are designed for children & adults, for families, working professionals & the world-trotter that is seeking a new adventure- yet, with the right preparation to meet the new path with the right sets of skills.

We have ready-made learning packages, custom-designed to equip you with the appropriate soft skills & cultural know-how necessary for your respective destination.

Take it from a team that has a combined travel experience of more than 72 countries, well-seasoned socio-cultural chameleons. Our teachers are native speakers and will guide you with the best techniques, cultural know-how leading to faster, better results.

Once you learn how to speak, how to say it right & wrapped up with a smile- then nothing can hold you back! Grab your visa, pack your suitcases & send us a postcard (yes, we still love those!). Ready- set- go!…

*Source: Inkpen, Christopher, 7 Facts about world Migration, (2014) Pew Research Center

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