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Missing Home

Missing Home

Jordan… from where should I start…

After thinking about this blog for a week now, I finally decided that the best way of writing about my country is simply by listening to my heart.

I’m currently living in Dubai, and it is something I always looked forward to, but I never thought that I’ll be missing my country as much as I am now. Don’t get me wrong, Dubai is a great city and I’m really enjoying my time here, I’m even learning a lot about different cultures which is a great opportunity that is only possible in Dubai, but as they say “no place like home” or as we say in Jordan:

“????? ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ?????” which means we wondered the world but Like Jordan we couldn’t find.

Every evening after I finish a long day at work and all I want to do is just relax and enjoy my time, the memories hit me, of how I used to spend my evening’s in Jordan with my family and loved ones just enjoy the evening’s cold breeze during the summer; smoking shisha of course, or gathering in front of the fireplace during winter roasting chestnuts and drinking hot chocolate. Yes, they were simple evenings but full of laughter, joy and peace.

Now I can fully understand why in Jordan we say “?????? ????? ?????” which means that living away from your country will make you lose yourself. In my opinion, what is really meant out of it is to show how difficult it is to be far away from your home, family and culture. Which reminds me of other sayings that always urge people to maintain a powerful bond with their family members such as:

“???? ???? ???? ?????? ??? ???? ???? ????” which means may God protect my brother and sisters that I always sense my father in them.

Also, “?? ??? ???? ??????” which urge fathers to have more of a friendly relationship with their sons.

And the last one that I’ll be sharing with you is the saying that I favour the most because it really touches my heart which is “??? ??? ????? ??? ??? ??? ????” which states that a thousand eyes can tear as long as my mom’s doesn’t.

These are simple examples on how important family is in Jordan, and this is something I really believe in and I’m so glad that these principles were planted in me since I was a young girl, cause after all no one will love you, care for you and feel for you, like your family.