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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there”. Robert Browning

A mother is a full-time cheerleader, bodyguard, life coach, inspirational leader & works around the clock to give, give & give her child whatever his/her heart desires!

It goes without saying that being a mom is one of the toughest,yet, also most rewarding jobs out there and not a single day goes without remembering and appreciating our supermoms for simply being there- in the brightest & darkest days of our lives. For teaching us that it’s ok not to be perfect- but to be happy!

Mother’s Day gives us an opportunity to say “THANK YOU MOM, I see you, I feel you & I love you!”.

Mothers seem to be very lucky in the UAE as there are numerous Mother’s Day celebrations; the Arab world celebrates on March 21 whereas Europe, India & various other countries chose their own lucky day to raise their glasses in celebration of their life-givers!

That is the beauty of living in a country where different cultures merge & moms never run out of reminders of how special they are to the colourful UAE community!

At Pomegranate Institute, we provide all mothers an opportunity to enroll in our rich array of classes, whether it’s one of our 20 language classes, our trilingual MLC class, 46 personal and professional development classes which include Business Skills, Cognitive Training, NLP, Time management classes & much more!

We provide a supervised indoor play area for kids to assist all the mothers throughout their learning journey by taking care of their children.

At Pomegranate institute, we know what mothers want!

As we are celebrating our month of & for women, we are reminding all mothers this Mother’s Day that you are entitled to a special discount of up to 20% off on all our courses.

You deserve it and we know it!

Here’s to all the moms out there. May we humbly say that you’re simply the best mom ever.

Thank you for being pom-tastic, thank you for being you!

Happy Mother’s Day!