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My Paradise – Colombia

My Paradise – Colombia

Before making travelling plans we tend to ponder about our destination, so that we make the best of our holiday by getting away from our mundane life. This helps us return to our daily routine with a fresh mind, open to new ideas. With that in mind, we often question our decisions, on the price, amenities, comfort, weather and much more. We are usually a little ambitious and think of destinations afar, normally outside our country and that sometimes turns out a little complicated, not only because of it being more expensive, but it it takes a long time to plan. We haven’t realized that sometimes the right place to enjoy our holiday could be closer than we could imagine.

A year ago, I was planning a vacation, where I could disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city, like the one I live in – Bogota-Colombia. I was looking for the ideal place, but did not find the place that met my expectations. One night over coffee with some friends we started chatting about holiday destinations in our own country, and what it had to offer. Between laughter and several comments, one of my friends mentioned Palomino, a little town located on the Caribbean coast, north of Colombia. She added that Palomino is known to have different beaches in which people enjoyed the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that that over-looked the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta”. We were fascinated to see the photographs of the exquisite nature with the endless colours of the vast sea. That night, we pledged to take our holiday in this magical place, in our very own country.

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The day arrived, and it only took us an hour and a half by plane to Barranquilla (city on the Colombian Caribbean coast) and an hour by bus. Palomino is in Dibulla, part of La Guajira and is only 2 meters above sea level. It is at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and stands as an isolated mountain, apart from the Andes mountain range.

We had an incredible five days of rest in secluded beaches – the perfect place to disconnect, as Palomino is a secret paradise in Colombia, which leaves the beaches deserted. The tranquility, natural beauty, the sound of animals roaming in the nearby area, breaking dawn with amber sunrises which hides behind the Sierra Nevada in the most beautiful colors reflecting in the sky.

One of the main activities to do in Palomino is called “Tubing”, where you walk through the jungle that surrounds the Palomino River until you reach the end. At this point, giant tubes (inner tyre) are used as a float to ride back downstream, immersed in the river as it begins to cross the current to a destination where the river enters the Caribbean Sea. This experience was amazing because the tour on the river lasted four hours until we reached our destination, and during this journey the jungle surrounded us with the sound of nature. This experience taught me more about my friends, and had the opportunity to meet new people of different nationalities.

Without doubt, Palomino was an experience that helped me appreciate the beauty of my own country and the bliss it has to offer. So, before we plan our next holiday, know that paradise is closer than you think!


Daniel Salas Vasco,
Spanish Teacher at Pomegranate Institute