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One Situation- Two Choices

One Situation- Two Choices

What does it mean to have a horrible day? Is it a day that’s just evil? Or a day that conspires against you? Or is it a series of events that take place on the same day? What about other people? Is it a bad day just for you or is a bad day for everyone? Fortunately, a bad day for one person can be a good day for another person.

With that said, a bad day is a perception – it’s how you look at things. You wake up in the morning, dress for work and get into the car. You have your take-away coffee in your hand, and while you are driving you spill it on your outfit (not a first-timer). At that point you think your day is going downhill. You get frustrated, angry, and then it gets worse. You reach work, and problems just keep coming at you 10 at a time. That’s when you might start calling your day, a bad day.

The above is one scenario of what we may refer to as a bad day. Actually, bad days don’t happen to us, it’s bad situations that may be bad or horrible. However, it’s how we react to these events that dictate our day. You spilled coffee all over your clothes? That’s okay – it happens. Try to deal with this incident, and move on fresh-minded. You feel like the problems at work keep coming at you in bulk? That is also fine, take a deep breath and tackle your problems one at a time.

The world does not decide to be terrible to us. Your feelings & mindset navigate the power of the situation. Choose to smile & rise above the emotions that arise within yourself. Choose to laugh instead of complaining. You decide what kind of day you deserve to have.

You have one situation, and two choices, before reacting to anything, always ask yourself- what kind of day do I want to have?

Remember the popular saying “Smile and the world smiles with you.”

Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing & Sales Executive - Social Unicorn
Pomegranate Institute