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PINOY Ako in many ways

PINOY Ako in many ways

PINOY Ako in many ways!

(I am Filipino in many ways!)

Hello everyone, kamusta kayo?

Last night while browsing my social accounts, I saw many beautiful things that I should be proud of as Filipina which gave me an inspiration to write this blog.

Let me take you to on a mind trip to my dearest Pearl of the Orient Seas, the Philippines.

My aim is to give you a glimpse of the comical, creative and mind provoking part of my dear country by sharing some commonly used words & phrases, inspirational proverbs and WOW places only in the Philippines.

I know that you know….

Each country has its different values and stereotypes, and the Philippines is no exception. We Filipinos strongly believe that our country has the best values in the world. Though we have been colonized by several countries, many essential values from our ancestors remained intact and are still honored to this day. Filipinos are not perfect, but we have great characteristics and unique qualities every one of us should be proud of.

But did you know that?

Filipino culture, especially our creamy language continues to evolve over the years, influenced by Spanish and American colonizers and pop culture, as well as from the great contribution of the idioms that date back to our grandparents’ era, an endless compilation of television dramas and social media.

Leafy by our Pinoy character, we are very fond of forming new words and phrases that can best fit a situation i.e. Selfie pa more, pak, havey, gora etc.

Love them or hate them, the new mixture of jokes and quotes that spring up from this transformation will continue to circulate and evolve.

I’m very fond of one particular expressions that has found it’s way into our everyday Pinoy Chiz-talk.

Push mo ’yan

Meaning: “Go for it”

When we want to encourage someone, or show our support, this expression is perfect. Most of the time, this expression brings positivity.

“Push mo ‘yan” serves the purpose of encouragement, like an alternative way of saying “push the limit, you can do it!” However, the meaning can change depending on the situation or manner it is said that might leads to a joke in sarcastic way.

The social & emotional values attached to our proverbs are probably the reason why us, Filipinos, can still flash a smile even with all the difficulties we are experiencing.

We have a saying in Tagalog, which is: Hangga’t makitid ang kumot, matutong mamaluktot. In English it would translate into: While the blanket is short, learn how to bend so that you make it fit. In other words, learn how to adjust to your environment and be satisfied with what you have.

If you have less in life, learn not to be extravagant and once you reach the point when you can spare some money for a little bit of luxury still always remember to prioritise the needs not just wants.