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Pomegranate Dedicates March as Month of Women

Pomegranate Dedicates March as Month of Women

“We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained” Marie Curie

Ahead of International Women’s Day, let’s remind the world that women are no more a dormant segment of the society. They play a significant and an influencing role in stimulating social change in their surroundings.

A woman carries her own aspirations, abilities, qualities, and strength as a man does and it has been proven over time that she should be given the opportunities to develop her faculties and express them per her choice.

At Pomegranate Institute, we highlight the contributions of women in every field and put forth their achievements; be it from the past or present. Month of March is being celebrated as Month of Women with a number of exciting events lined up.

We have made our own calendar of 31 women drawing attention towards the trailblazers who with their relentless efforts have carved out a name for themselves in history.

Each one an inspiration to many.

On March 8, on International Women’s Day Pomegranate Institute is holding a free session on “Six Senses” from 7pm to 8:30pm for women from all walks of life. The talk will shed light on letting go of one’s past and gaining the confidence of “Being Yourself”.

On Mother’s Day March 21, the institute will host a family event “Upbringing Multilingual Children in a Multicultural Environment” from 4pm to 6pm. It will highlight how similar cultures are and yet we remain unaware; hence tips on innovative techniques will be shared by our experts.

Amongst the speakers will be a cognitive linguist, a personal & professional development coach and a special sign language duo.

The importance of Education has been recognized and emphasized by several international conventions; a woman’s literacy is a catalyst in empowering their participation in decision making in a society and in improving families’ well-being.

For example, going back into history, in the 1820s British nurse Florence Nightingale served in the Crimean war and was instrumental in changing the role and perception of the nursing profession.

In United Arab Emirates, women have been encouraged and empowered since the foundation of the state. This policy is spearheaded by the country’s visionary leadership and backed by its Constitution which guarantees equal rights for men and women in accordance with the precepts of Islam.

A woman does not have to be a celebrity, a political figure, a rights activist, a businesswoman or anything out of the ordinary.

She can be a motivating individual in her own aspect, play an important role in her own designated area and make a big difference for the community.

We encourage everyone to share the stories of women who they see as inspirational and have played an integral role in their lives or contributed towards the society.

We love to hear about the unsung heroes.

We are all ears & we know that they are worthy of our attention.

Share their stories on our social media and use that hashtag #WeCare #PomWomen