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Pom-Tips and Tricks for Final Exam Week

Pom-Tips and Tricks for Final Exam Week

Final exams week is coming up, and everyone can use a few tips or two to get us through the week. It is a stressful week full of tears, anger, frustration, and confusion, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Keeping your mindset in check and your day planned, could guarantee a more comfortable finals week.

Below are some tips and tricks that you might find useful:

  • 1. Don’t stress out

    This statement is easier said than done, but I always find it useful to tell myself that there’s nothing to stress about, and that stressing will do more harm than good. Always remind yourself that you are trying your best, and that if you work hard enough, it will pay off.

  • 2. Too much caffeine can do more harm than good

    Caffeine is always our number one option when it comes to all-nighters and energy boosters. However, having too much of it (more than two cups) will cause stress, anxiety, and hunger. If you get sleepy, and your concentration level is low, think about having a 20-minute nap. Make sure 20-minutes is 20-minutes!

  • 3. Have all your materials, and study tools prepared before you start

    Knowing that all my stuff is organized and in one place always brought me peace of mind while studying. Have your papers, books, notebooks, pens, calculator (if needed), and any other items with you on your desk so that you wouldn’t have to get up every once in a while - that could be distracting!

  • 4. Never study on your bed

    Studying on your bed is always a trap! You start in a sitting position, only to find yourself sliding every five minutes, and eventually you’ll end up laying down. We all know where that goes after that… My young sister has a bad habit of studying on her bed, and she never gets anything done because 30 minutes into her studying, she’s already asleep- even if she wasn’t sleepy!

  • 5. Put your phone away

    This tip sounds cliché, but it’s a good tip! Most of the time in the past I used to study with my phone next to me, and every time I would get a notification I would stop studying, and check my phone. I would realize that by the end of my study session that I could have been much more productive without my phone. Recently, I started leaving my phone in another room whenever I wanted to study. Eventually, I would forget about my phone and focus on my studies.

  • 6. Divide your time practically

    Dividing your time practically can ensure that you get the most out of your time. I find that having 30 minute breaks every time you complete a task is the most useful tactic for a study plan. You should set up these tasks before you begin studying. For example, plan to finish a chapter every hour or two depending on the chapter.

    The break should consist of a bathroom break, phone break, and even a simple “walk around the house break”. Walking around the house will get your blood pumping, keeping you going for longer.

  • 7. Visuals always help

    Especially if you’re cramming one day before your exam, making visuals could enhance your memorizing experience. Visuals as in brainstorming maps and bubbles, colorful notes, tables, graphs, and even pictures.

  • 8. No all-nighters

    All-nighters seem to be the best solution at the time, but the memory will be much weaker and less functional. So, anything you memorize after a point in time would be in vain. If you are studying something urgent, at least get a few hours of sleep, but do not deprive yourself totally of sleep.

  • 9. Be your own self-motivator

    I dedicate this last tip to self-motivation. Feed yourself with positive vibes. Tell yourself that “you can do it”, and that “you did your best”!


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing & Sales Executive - Social Unicorn
Pomegranate Institute