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Seedy the Catfucious

Seedy the Catfucious

How would you feel if every day of your life was a new adventure? Meeting new faces, hanging out with friends & family? Doing fun stuff.


I love to play, eat, sleep, to cuddle & to give the occasional bite or scratch here or there… I don’t mean to hurt anyone. I know everyone here means well with me.


I’m four years old, I’m adopted, I love tuna & playing with my sister Mia. She’s more calm & less playful (you know, more into cuddles) but she never gets bored of my active personality & often just watches me from a distance.


I’m the greeter & entertainer at Pomegranate Institute. Everyone gets a heartfelt meaow upon entering & exiting our office space. I also protect everyone here- I recognize each one of my friends from their voice, even when we use accents, different pitches, or over the phone. Your scent is equally distinctive, this isn’t necessarily something I can pick up on short notice or from across the room. If you pet me in my sleep, this is one of the senses I rely on to know it’s you!

One of my hobbies is watching people & funny looking objects on four wheels from a comfortable distance. What a hectic world it is out there! Where is everyone heading? One moment they are there, the next they simply disappear out of sight! Weird, right?


My human friends allow me to learn just like the students who come into our institute. I participate in team meetings – well, in my own ways, as in, choosing a comfortable resting place, a strategic corner or simply someone’s lap. Trust me, here, they always have lots to talk about!

I enjoy my cognitive training, in which I have to learn how to fish out yamilicous treats in different ways out of different gamification tools. Goal is- I need, want & get my treat! Where there’s a will, there’s a treat! Catfucious if I recall the name correctly?


My Pom-friends talk to me at times like an adult & when I’m really cute (which I am most of the time) like they do when they see a human baby… their voice becomes really soft & tender. I often smell fellow cat-ayans on some of our visitors- but where are they hiding them?

I’m happy where I am. My human friends like me a lot & I think that I like them too. I hope that the scent of all these cats that I keep on smelling on our office guests will lead to a cat that has similar stories to share- good ones, happy ones.

I once heard from a friend, maybe it was my mum… don’t really remember well but what I do recall is that that cat-friend told me: When a dog is fed, it tends to thinks to himself: Who feeds me must be my master. Whereas when a cat is fed, we tend to think that we must be the master!

We deserve to be loved, just like you humans. Don’t you think?