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Seedy’s Travel Diary

Seedy’s Travel Diary

In our Pom-family, everyone is writing travel blogs and was thinking why can’t I …?

I also travelled on a very small trip out of Pomegranate Institute recently and would like to share that experience with all my Pom-readers.

Being at Pomegranate Institute is like constantly being on a world tour – It’s such a cultural hub, where I meet different people from all corners of the world daily. I could write a book from the experiences I have been gaining here.

I hope you know that I can speak only one language, but did you ever wonder if I can understand all the various languages spoken at my Institute? All the guests, students and even my Pom family talk to me in their own language, such English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi, Tagalog, Urdu and many more. Believe me, I somehow understand them all, because they speak with immense love and care and I always reciprocate the same. Yes, I am a Polyglot Cat.

I seem to be deviating and going on about how wonderful Pomegranate Institute is! Well, at least now you can understand how much I love my Pom-family.

Without further ado, let’s focus on my travel blog.

I have a big territory to myself, well & Mia here to wander about, play, sleep, and even learn with my colleagues. Last week, the Pom team transferred us to a single room with our toys, food and everything that belonged to us. ‘Us’! Yes, there are two of us in this wonderful Institute. Guess who the other one is? You got that right – My cute sister Mia, who also joined me a while back. We got separated, well, when we were kittens. She was also rescued by this caring family and we are so happy and comfy here. Back to my story, we were wondering why these lovely people are keeping us in this room? How can I protect my territory locked up in here? Trust me, we’ve tried it all, cute & heart-melting cat eyes, a cute meow whenever someone entered our room to play, feed & talk to us. Being our curious selves, we threw a bit of a tantrum, waited and watched impatiently at the door.



The designer human friend with the funky glasses took a picture of us and we were sure that he was planning to do something with that picture. My instincts are always spot on! As you can see he has modified it, depicting us always thinking about food – just like he does when he is working quietly at his desk. His colleague with the beard- our webmaster, pretends not to love us but we know he does because he always looks at us with warmth and love, so much so, that he goes to the extent of suggesting to his fellow colleagues to free us out of the Institute. If only we could make him understand how cruel the outside world is for street cats, and how fortunate we are to be part of the Pom-family. We are not toys, I guess you know that already. So, our previous owners didn’t want us anymore & simply decided to throw us out on the street. Mia, the poor thing, was so frightened at first when she got here. She hadn’t experienced much love & care before being welcomed by my human friends here. It took heaps of convincing, toys & tuna to gain her trust & now shes more of a bunny than a cat.

Oh, right, back to my story.

“Dear webmaster, we are totally happy here – we don’t want to leave”.

While we were pondering over this, some strangers came to the office with some odd-looking tools on their back, and we understood the reason for being moved – to protect us. Those people were eco cleaners who were ordered by our Management to come and make our office even more sparkly & clean. We love clean, as you know.

What next? We knew that they will at all costs avoid anything harmful happening to us, but how and where …?

Mariam- our lovely CEO, came with two cat traveling bags and Shaaista & Marie carefully guided us into the cage. In the car, Shaaista drove and Morjan sat between us to make sure that we were safe to travel. The institute started to appear smaller & smaller until it appeared completely out of my sharp eyesight. Where are we going Shaaista? Cat Hotel? Are we visiting someone? Interesting objects going past us whilst sitting in this cute things with wheels. Much faster than walking on our paws.

We reached her home around 7 pm, where her husband was waiting for us at the front door. The moment they opened the car doors, we were ready to jump out but off course, we were still in protection cages. Both of us took a quick sniff & recognised her husband’s scent. Nice chap!

We had a quick view of the entire building and we entered their apartment like highly important guests. Here come the VICs! (Very Important Cats!)

It was a small but well-arranged apartment with two amazing hosts. I found some of our toys including the new additions from Ms. Mariam and I was thanking her mentally, for always bringing new toys for us.



‘It’s time to eat’, we heard. We also needed more energy to explore this new place within a single night! We had our dinner like well-mannered guests, and must say, Shaaista’s husband is a real pet lover. He had me running all around ‘Hide & Seek’ best game ever guys!

We were still playing and running around, while they were getting ready for bed. We tried to keep them awake but it seems they were tired. While they were asleep we jumped on their bed, table and every corner of the apartment. The next cat entering this place should know, Mia & Seedy were here!

I don’t remember when we slept but woke up curled up at their feet on their bed. It was time to say goodbye to our holiday home. Back to Pomegranate Institute, where my Pom-family were eagerly awaiting us.

Thank you Shaaista and family for being such amazing hosts.

It is important to be a polyglot, for it has many benefits, and I am enjoying being a polyglot cat.