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Simple But Effective Ways to Improving Your Lifestyle and Career Today

Simple But Effective Ways to Improving Your Lifestyle and Career Today

Simple But Effective Ways to Improving Your Lifestyle and Career Today

“Let him who would move the world first move himself.” ? Socrates

Before you dive into reading this page, I have to point out that the following information will require work on your behalf. However, each and every point on this page if actioned correctly as it is presented, WILL help you improve all aspects of your life whether it be for career, lifestyle or relationship purposes.

Ok, let’s get started…

Be Positive

Have you ever asked someone how their day was to have them reply with the words ‘not bad’, yes you know the phrase, that double-negative short sentence that instantly feels like the person is passing his or her bad day onto you.

Being aware of the language you use and how you use it, is one of the fastest ways to instantly increase your personal performance and also become a magnet to attracting people and make them feel open to talking to you.

So what should I say then?

The answer and response is incredibly simple. If someone asks how you your day is, then simply reply with the one word ‘AWESOME!’

The word awesome is quick and installs positivity from the get go. Even if your having a bad day, using this word will help push your mindset to a positive one almost instantly.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Ever heard of the term ‘crab in a bucket’? If not then let me explain…

When you place 2 or more crabs in a bucket, when one crab tries to escape, the other(s) will pull them back down.

And this analogy is very appropriate for what I am about to tell you.

Success is contagious and can be replicated. Rather than spending time with a negative network of people or friends, instead try and surround yourself with a network of successful people.

Meeting new and different positive types of people can have a significant and positive effect on your personality, life and career.

Be interested not interesting

Don’t you just hate it when you’re meeting someone for the first time and all they do is talk about there self for hours on end?

Yes, we have all met that ‘person’.

At first your able to cope, nod and agree but after 30 mins of someone talking about me, me, me, you find yourself switching off and thinking of an excuse to leave or further more an excuse to never to have meet that person again in the future.

Yet I do know that you and I are all guilty of being this person at some point in our lives, and this is not necessarily a bad thing, but something that we should be aware of moving forward.

Listening and demonstrating that you are interested in a person can be an extremely positive method of building a relationship whether it be for business or personal reasons.

Asking the right, positive questions and not talking over the other person is a great way of showing interest in their background, life and feelings.

At the end of the day, it is human nature that we want people to be interested in what we have to say. Of course, having someone there to listen to us makes us feel important and respected.

Whilst listening also demonstrate that you have heard and acknowledge what the other person has said and ask further questions around that topic/subject.

Build the conversation so that it communication is two-ways and keep showing interest throughout.

Body language

Now you may think that language is the most important part of face to face communication, but believe it or not, body language contributes to 55% of interaction. This statistic come from research conducted in 1971 by Albert Mehrabian.

He broke it down into 3 separate elements:

  • Words
  • Tone of voice
  • Body Language

Body language – which takes up a large part of non-verbal communication is very frequently used by itself, and is therefore considered to be one of the most ‘telling’ modes of communication.

Your body language can tell a lot about yourself and aids in helping others in making accurate assumptions about you.

From the way you walk to shaking hands with someone creates a direct impression of you whether it be true or false.

It is therefore important to conscious of your body language as not to create the wrong impression.

By simply walking in an upright position to making consistent eye contact with someone demonstrates that you are a confident, trusting person.

Now, I encourage you take action of the above personal development tips and practice them immediately in your work or home environment to see the results.

The above advice is simply a hand full of methods in improving yourself, and we have literally only touched the tip of the iceberg regarding your personal development.

If you would like to learn more about personal development then be sure to contact our personal development coaches at Pomegranate Institute in Dubai all of which are on standby to help you reach your full potential. Contact us today by clicking here.