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Sky isn’t the Limit

Sky isn’t the Limit

The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind-
Khalil Gibran

‘Cuppa tea and a scone!’

This is how I grew up listening to British offering a ‘brew’ for any occasion.

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This is a traditional and famous offering in the UK, the Queen often had her afternoon tea with the members of the Royal Family. This has been a trend for many years, now I can’t stop offering.

I am a British born educator who has a heart of a Persian but sense of adventurer from the Mountains of Kashmir.



I was born in a city called Sheffield, West Yorkshire (Steel industrial City). Growing up within a western culture kept true to my roots (Iran and Kashmir), and had the privilege of learning about my parent’s rich culture and languages. I found other cultures and languages very interesting and began my exploration and adventures at the age of 18. I have traveled and lived in many countries including Kashmir, USA, Saudi Arabia, Europe and many other places.

Rain and snow is very much the weather throughout the year. So, living in the UAE was difficult to get use to at first, but I have adapted to both the climate and culture in and around the UAE.

Working in various jobs growing up, I was always called upon by my supervisors to train new staff. I guess in my youth my light would shine through as an educator and humanitarian. I loved seeing their development. That light in people’s eyes when they learnt something new, was addictive.

Looking back, it’s no surprise that I am an educator. My passion in education became my livelihood and I truly love it. The ability to educate young minds is a gift planting seeds in their being and development, I’m teaching them not just school curriculum but life lessons.

I believe ‘We as educators face unprecedented challenges in preparing students for the unpredictable demands of the future workplace, but I’m convinced that the net impact of getting involved at grass roots level success can be achieved‘.

Who am I, I’m a man who is a passionate educator who understands the importance of education. I’ve taught my students that ‘Sky isn’t the limit’, and anything is possible. With a heart of a Persian and Kashmir British born living in the middle east, I am proof anything is possible. This is my Story.


Noshad Qayyum,
English Instructor at Pomegranate Institute