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Soul search your calling

Soul search your calling

Trying to find your place- your calling in this world, is everything but easy. For many, it’s a never ending process, for some it seems to be a ‘no brainer’.

Following my studies, extensive traveling and a fair amount of soul searching, I eventually found ‘my calling!’ I realised the importance of education in places where people needed it the most but due to unforeseen life circumstances, did not have access to even the most basic form of it.

From my extensive, exhaustive yet rewarding experience whilst working in business development as well as the humanitarian sector I came to respect and acknowledge the energy, time, effort and passion aid workers from global, regional and local NGOs & aid agencies invest in helping those who need it the most! Their work can come at an expensive price, risking their mental & physical health, if not at times their life!

The saying of: When you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he eats for life! This powerful phrase has left an everlasting impact on me.

Help for self help is the most powerful tool when aiding those in dire need. An educated woman, leads to an educated family, which in return signifies hope for a sustainable future. Opportunities can be more easily identified by an enlightened. Don’t you think?

Together with my business partner Marie, Pomegranate Institute was called into existence in 2016! We know what our learners want- how so? Simple, we hear them out! They are our source of energy & inspiration. Despite our young age in the UAE, the institute has already gained an impressively sized audience and people plant their trust in our team! I have worked with plenty of NGOs around the globe, starting from the honourable UAE Red Crescent onto WorldVision, Care, USAID, NRC, UNHCR & many more. One thing they all have in common: ‘They, just like us, speak human.’

We encourage all our friends from the humanitarian aid sector to reach out to us as we will proudly provide them with the educational support they are looking for. Whether it’s for the people they look after or the team members themselves.

The rich combination and experience of our team members combined makes us as old as a dinosaur- with the wisdom of an elephant and the soul of a dove.

Our Pom-team take our tag line: ‘spreading seeds of knowledge’ to heart as we want to be the dynamo that shows how simple it is to educate those who wish to learn. ‘All you need is an internet connection, which most of the NGOs have in disaster zones! And we can connect with them and the people on the ground through our virtual platform, anytime, anywhere! The conditions under which NGOs and aid workers perform their duties leave us with nothing but praise and respect for them.’

If I were to break a pomegranate fruit open and unleash the seeds of knowledge all across the world… how many pomegranate trees would grow and flourish? How many families could benefit from what we can offer them? We have a long way to go, as an institute, as individuals, as a nation, as global citizens!’ Every path starts somewhere.

Pomegranate Institute empowers individuals with an access to what gives them a sense of normality, hope and skill sets that will enable them to look beyond their current, unfortunate circumstances.

Our institute teaches more than 20 Languages, including BSL & ASL, Intercultural understanding and offer tailored personal & professional development packages that are specifically designed to give well rounded knowledge bites to learners. Most importantly, this institute is an educational platform that gives wings to ideas, clients can be children, adults, governments, NGOs and/or the private sector. ‘Our learners are global learners and come in all ages, all nationalities and personalities. Our doors are open to anyone who has the desire to learn! Together, we make it happen!’

‘Life is a school & we never stop learning! Why should we? The world is in constant motion, so are we! Baby steps will take us to where we want to be- a world that connects on commonalities, rather than differences!’

Join Pomegranate and support their cause- they know what they’re talking about! Visit them at their Al Barsha Branch, call them, email them…the contact details are hereunder!


Mariam Shibib,
CEO & Founder – Pomegranate Institute