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Strong-willed People Uplift

Strong-willed People Uplift

Many of us have been in situations where somebody has put us down. We may have been told that we’re ‘no good’, or that we can't do anything right. These comments belittle and humiliate us to an extent of demotivation. We actually start feeling doubtful and more aware of our faults. These remarks are so damaging that sometimes the scars last a lifetime.  This affects our confidence level and self-esteem making simple decisions difficult, and attaining our goals more of an effort.   

However, we could change this negativity by remembering that nobody is responsible for our thoughts and that we own them, so we can choose to ignore and not retaliate.  These people are revealing how insecure and unhappy they are with their lives, and may be envious of our success. It is hard to put cotton balls in our ears and to move on, or emotionally detach, but do not give them that power - do not allow ourselves to be put down.

Whenever any of us are working hard to achieve our goals, we do appreciate support as this lifts us up, recalling the quote by Michael P. Watson “Strong people don’t put each other down, they lift them up”. Humans should encourage lifting one another up thus inspiring them to be successful in life. We should learn to be glad for each other, and believe in the fact that it is possible for all to be successful.

No matter what the situation is, or who the other person is; when faced with a person who is putting us down, we have two choices. - we can either not retaliate, or WE can lift them up with words of advice and constructive criticism.

It takes a strong - willed person to uplift.


Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing Intern at Pomegranate Institute