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Do you appreciate the simple things in life? It’s easy to reply “yes” but let’s face it, the more we receive the less grateful we become.  How difficult is it to say, “thank you” every morning for merely being able to wake up to a new day?  We take this simple miracle for granted, forgetting its importance, and behaving like this life is owed to us.

Remember, this world is just a stage that we all take part in, making new scenes every moment, every day.  How we decide to enact these episodes is dependent on us.  So, why not make the most of every moment a lasting memory, one that you can say I have lived and learned.

When someone survives a near-death experience, they always resolve to live to the fullest, but why wait for such a moment to appreciate the simple things in life?  Why not live, love, and learn every day, from now?

Most of the time we dote on making life extravagant, always comparing with others – never satisfied, forgetting to appreciate what we already have – good health, fresh air, water, happiness, love, reputation and most importantly intellect.  I recall my parents emphasizing “appreciate the simple things in life before you place importance on being materialistic, for these simple traits will build your character, for which you will be respected.”

If you are obsessed to reach some finish line, you will spend your entire life trying to get there, and then realise at the end that you have lost valuable time searching for what was with you all along. 

So, let’s be thankful for small mercies by appreciating the simple things in life.


Shaaista Dawood,
Senior Corporate Trainer & ESL Teacher