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The benefits of Learning Arabic in the UAE

The benefits of Learning Arabic in the UAE

People from all over are coming to the Middle East for Business and employment purposes. In the recent times it has become a hub for international business, employment and vacations, this has resulted in a lot of employment opportunities for people from all over the world. However even though so many people are funneling in to the Middle East for employment and Business purposes, yet there are not a lot of Expats who try and learn the native language, that is Arabic. This in turn leads to issues that can be avoided by expats learning the native language. Additionally, there numerous advantages that warrant the learning of Arabic for expats.

How can Learning Arabic be great for Expats?

  • Knowledge of Arabic offers you the chance to explore, respect and appreciate the ancient UAE culture better: Learning Arabic can help you appreciate the culture by understanding the basic cultural practices, exchanging ideas with people and learning about their value system.
  • Bridges the Communication Gap: Because you are an Expat and are away from home, you would want to communicate with people, as it is human tendency to bond with others. By learning Arabic, you are able to communicate with locals easily and thus this makes for a friendly and cordial environment.
  • Benefits in the office Setup: Being able to communicate in the Arabic allows for improved cooperation at work leading to improved productivity. You are able to participate in team building activities better and understand the team that you work with.
  • Appreciation for Islam: The religion of Islam is one of the oldest and most ancient religions in the world. Its doctrines of peace and harmony are something that the world is aware of on a large scale. Learning Arabic, allows you to read Quran and understand the underlying values of humanity, peace and brotherhood that are central to the religion and do away with any misconception that you might have had earlier.
  • Being an Outsider, you will have an edge over other people: Wherever you are from, if you are coming to Middle east with Knowledge of Arabic, you already have an edge over most people of your own country in terms of relationship building with the natives.
  • A lot of new employment opportunities will be open to you: The Middle East is constantly hiring people who specialize in something or the other. Thus, if you have a specialty and also know how to speak Arabic, then you are employment opportunities just double up.
  • A great benefit when trying to learn other languages of the region: Have knowledge of Arabic gives you a great cushion when learning a new language from the region, as most of the language from the region, Pashto for instance, have similar linguistic characteristics to Arabic.
  • You less likely to get tricked: Learning Arabic also acts as a defense mechanism as you are saved from being tricked and ripped off by people who might want to take advantage of you.

So if you are an Expat, then learning Arabic, can bring you so many advantages. It is therefore suggested that you go to a good language center like Pomegranate Institute and learn Arabic as soon as possible.