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The Higher Perspective of Love

The Higher Perspective of Love

You can climb the highest mountain, look down on Mother Earth from the comfort of your airplane seat, yet, none of these heights will match the sensation & excitement of watching the world from my father’s shoulders. I must admit, I still have one tear-filled eye whilst writing this blog. It is this picturesque Greek family right in front of me, bless them. How awkward would it be if I were to walk over to these children right now to give them some heartfelt advice? “Enjoy these moments with your parents. Count your blessings. Time with your loved ones is precious. Only eternal as you choose to engrave & safeguard them in your memories.” I let them be. Time will be their mentor. I miss these days…

I’m in Costa Navarino- Olive tree paradise! A blessed place, with beautiful people & a history that is as rich & old as Greece itself.

The legendary ruler of ancient Pylos, the wise King Nestor, was the first who gave meaning to the word “hospitality” when he made it a habit to befriend complete strangers. We are in a place where friendship can always be found, where happiness is measured by footsteps in the sand leading to the turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea. *

Ancient Greek myths always refer to twelve gods of Mount Olympus but in total there were fourteen Olympian gods in Greek Mythology. The Greeks imagined gods much like themselves because it made sense to them that either of their gods would make humans in their image reflection. **

Today, the Greek Orthodox Faith is the constitutionally recognised & prevailing religion in Greece. The Greek culture today is a world hugging one, the people are kind hearted, welcoming & love their country. I’m in love with Greece too…for all the right reasons! Thank you for making me feel home every time I’m here.

For it is here, that the name inspiration for our beloved institute has arisen. It’s is my third visit to Greece & my pomegranate discussions never cease to trigger excitement in my Greek counterparts. The pomegranate is a symbolic fruit, signifying beauty, love, marriage, fertility, birth, rebirth, hope and prosperity.

The pomegranate is a symbol of eternity. Even today, young brides in certain Greek villages, throw pomegranates through the door of their new house, with such a force, that the pomegranate bursts open, scattering the seeds. This ritual is said to ensure a happy marriage and the birth of many children.***

Mariam wedding


My father kissed my forehead on my wedding day, with tears running down his face. It’s the kind of goodbye that every father undergoes with a broken yet smiling heart. It is in hope that the man who now watches over his daughter will be a worthy guardian over the seeds of the pomegranate.


One thing my father should know. My first, my eternal & unconditional love- is seeded in my heart & has grown stronger with every passing year. The man who carried me on his shoulders, to see the world in its entirety. The man who is one thought, one phone call & one heartbeat away from a piece of advice that re installs my faith in humanity.

History, faith & places my change, but your first love, is eternal. I love you dad.


Mariam Shibib,
CEO & Founder – Pomegranate Institute