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The True Meaning of Happiness

 The True Meaning of Happiness

The mindset of being happy is perceived by some people as either a final result, or as a start to one’s journey, nevertheless it remains as something people desire. Everyone wants to be happy but each of us have our own form of happiness. Unfortunately, many people struggle finding happiness they truly deserve, because of the emphasis they place on happiness.

We often associate happiness with either money or success, with one leading to the other. However, true happiness is not based on money and success. We work all our lives to become successful, to become millionaires with a delayed realization that true happiness is not imbedded within wealth. Money is a constant cycle of movement. It comes and goes. No matter how prosperous we become, money can be used up very quickly. For instance, if you purchase an item you always desired, you become temporarily happy, however the novelty wears off, and that same initial happiness is over.

My happiness is mainly in the people I have around me as these are intangible and could last a lifetime. My people are my greatest assets. The fact that I know that I have people that care and love me unconditionally will never be like any other happiness. I am not saying that buying a new bag would not make me happy, rather buying a new bag is not the same happiness as spending quality time with my loved ones. We should aspire for this type of happiness.

A great goal we should all set for ourselves is finding the things that make us happy. The same goes for the opposite, where the things that make us sad should be eradicated from of our lives. Does someone continuously bring about negative energy into your daily life? If so, then try to impose your positivity resulting in both of you being happy, or just try to spend less time with that person. Does doing an activity such as daily exercise make you happier and more positive? Then go for it!

I love to learn about history, politics, different cultures and languages. I feel like this type of knowledge gives me power, and helps me understand people and connect with them easier. For that reason, I am studying International Relations that involves exactly that, and I could not be happier. I am also interning at Pomegranate Language Institute, and the experience I am gaining is incredible. I trained myself to aspire for a life that make me happier, and that is exactly what I am doing. Everyone deserves happiness, especially YOU.

Sarah Tabbara,
Marketing & Sales Executive - Social Unicorn
Pomegranate Institute