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Braaivleis, Rugby, Sunny Skies and Chevrolet” is a phrase I have been hearing as a little girl, and till now this is what we South African do…relax under sunny skies with a braai (barbeque) at a rugby match and music playing from our cars. In those days, Chevrolet was the car to have to just chill.

I’ve lived in South Africa all my, life and yet it still fascinates me and keeps taking me down memory lane. People always ask me why I love South Africa and up until now I’ve given generic answers. Well, I decided that the answers weren’t good enough coming from a South Africa citizen, so I sat down to hash out what it is about this country that has me so enthralled.

I highlight special moments that has a role to play in my life, that keeps me bonded.

“Rainbow Nation”

We struggled for freedom, whilst trying to follow the footsteps of Nelson Mandela. Despite our population being one of the most complex and diverse in the world, it celebrates all its African and immigrant cultures. We are the fortunate ones as we experience the ultimate combination of nature, wildlife, adventure, heritage, and vibe.

My fondest memories go back to the “Mother City” – Cape Town. This view of Table Mountain is still something I think about and will never be replicated.

The exotic, adventurous, fresh air and the majestic mountains draw me back over and over, almost like an addiction. I can’t explain why, but Cape Point, the extreme southern tip of Africa, moves me in a way that is simply inexplicable – standing there watching the waves crash on the shore around the Cape of Good Hope. The ocean has always inspired me though, there’s something about its beauty that I find amazing and remains special for me.


Wild and Free

This is the place where I unwind and enjoy nature – Kruger National Park.

Watching lions in the wild – My first safari experience left me without seeing the king of the jungle, but on my second attempt I got my wish and finally saw them. It was a small group of juveniles, lounging in the high grasses of the bush waiting for their parents to return with something to eat. We got so close to them I felt I could reach out and touch them and their beauty and majesty in the wild far exceeded anything can match. It was a priceless moment of wonder that just can’t be quantified.


Bunny Chow

I recall the days “crushing a bunny” with my friends after school. A Bunny chow, often referred to as a bunny, is a South African fast food dish consisting of a hollowed-out loaf of bread filled with curry. It originated in a city called Durban, where the Indian community lived.

Our country has a lifetime of stories to tell and cities, towns, and beautiful open spaces to wow you with that feeds our souls time and time again.


South Africanisms

We have some informal expressions that are unique:

just now – sometime soon, shortly

now now – sooner than “just now”

boot – trunk of a car

howzit – hello (a greeting), as in “how is it going”

koppie – rocky hill

play play – pretend

bakkie – pick-up truck

bundu – bushveld

kloof – ravine

braai – barbeque


Funny SA

So again, why do I love South Africa?

Why not! South Africa is my heart and every beat keeps me alive and proud that I am a South African.