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American Sign Language

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How keen are you in learning American Sign Language (ASL)? There are many reasons to learn ASL, one being to communicate effectively with family and friends who are deaf or hearing-impaired. Learning ASL can open doors to new employment opportunities or take your career to the next level. The learning of American Sign Language develops awareness and sensitivity to the deaf culture. It also provides cultural enrichment and is the best means of fostering understanding between people who are hard of hearing and those who are not. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to identify the question and challenge one’s own cultural assumptions, values, and perspectives to contribute positively to society.

I am :

Who is this course for?

  •  For those who have a general interest in American Sign Language
  •  For those who want to understand day to day conversation

By the end of the course:

  • You will receive sufficient vocabulary to be able to make simple everyday conversation which includes finger spelling, family, numbers and much more
  • You will get an insightful introduction to the culture of the deaf/ hard of hearing community.

Teaching and Learning Methods :

  • Communicative language teaching
  • Students are engaged in small group and pairwork according to the syllabus.
  • You will be encouraged to develop basic communicative skills.

How long is the course?

  • 30 hours


Join us at Pomegranate Institute and learn to speak with a smile!