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Communicate effectively with your beloved ones

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The course is designed to help you overcome your relationship struggles (all types of relationships; marriage, love, family, friends, etc). Get rid of any emotional entrapments and learn how to create healthy enriching relationships with everyone around you.

I am :

Benefits of the course

This Course will empower you to create and maintain the most wonderful relationships with people around you that guarantees love, happiness, and fulfillment in every way. Release your negative emotions and learn how to avoid toxic relationships.


Learning Outcomes :

  • Self-love, and how it’s related to our relationships
  • Guiding your focus
  • Understanding your model of the world
  • The power of words and the power of thinking in our lives
  • Expressing emotions in a healthy way
  • Taking responsibility for our own happiness

Topics :

  • Understanding the model of the world (Perception and Projection)
  • Self-love and Self-worth
  • Affirmations (inner self-talk)
  • What is a toxic relationship
  • Win-Win Relationship
  • The meaning of being lonely
  • Emotional management

Course Material/Methodology : Worksheets, Blank paper, white board, colored post it, pens, laptop, projector


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