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Communicate effectively with your children

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This course will help you to create a strong, healthy, and effective relationship with your children, where they will be raised as confident independent children aware of their goals and their strengths in life.

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Benefits of the course

The major benefit of this course is solving any struggles in your relationship with your most beloved ones - your children. Become an irresistible empowering parent to your confident and successful child to build a unique successful future.


Learning Outcomes :

  • Talk to your children in a way that they will listen to you and listen to them in a way that they would talk to you
  • Guiding your focus
  • How to motivate your child
  • How to communicate easily with your resistant child
  • The power of words and of thinking on our lives
  • Expressing and managing Emotions

Titles and work profile of the attendees : Parents, children, or teenagers (age 0-17)

Topics :

  • You are the inner voice of your child
  • Raise a confident child
  • What does your child want from you?
  • The right to express feelings
  • Self-love (Teach your children to love themselves)

Course Material/Methodology : Worksheets, Blank papers white board, colored post it, pens, laptop, projector


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