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Communicate effectively with your students

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The course is designed to support teachers in understanding their teenager students, in building a strong relationship with them and creating a motivational safe learning environment.

I am :

Benefits of the course

As a teacher, you play an essential part in the personal development of your students. This course will support you in understanding and empowering your students to be the best version of themselves in class and in life.


Learning Outcomes :

  • Listening and speaking effectively to your students
  • Communicating easily with the resistant ones
  • Becoming the empowering understanding model teacher
  • Creating a safe environment which will motivate the student to participate and excel

Titles and work profile of the attendees : Teachers working with teenager students

Topics :

  • Secrets of the teenage brain
  • You are their model and their inner voice
  • The power of words and of thinking
  • Guide your students indirectly using NLP

Course Material/Methodology : Worksheets, Blank papers white board, colored post it, pens, laptop, projector


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