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Communicate effectively with Yourself

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This Course is designed to teach you all the required skills to understand who you are, what are your desires and goals in life and how to solve your problems, overcome your challenges, get rid of all the stress and fears and any negative emotions that prevent you from enjoying life, and realizing your dreams.

I am :

Benefits of the course

You will be empowered and energized to move forward in your life, destroy all your fears, feel proud about who you are, clear and passionate about what you want to achieve in life. This course is all what you need, to be the best version of yourself.


Learning Outcomes :

  • Self-love
  • Self-knowledge and Self-Confidence
  • Expressing yourself
  • Goal setting and achieving goals
  • Problem Solving
  • Guiding your focus
  • Stop blaming yourself
  • Controlling and expressing emotions
  • Positive thinking

Topics :

  • Understand and accept yourself
  • The power of Self-talk
  • The power of words and thoughts in our lives
  • Expressing and managing Emotions

Course Material/Methodology : Worksheets, Blank paper, white board, colored post it, pens, laptop, projector


Join us at Pomegranate Institute and learn to speak with a smile!