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We all want to overcome negative feelings, destructive thought patterns, and bad habits. Transform the way you think, feel, and behave to achieve your life goals with hypnotherapy in Dubai from Pomegranate Institute. Sharpen up your senses, develop your intuition, and increase your self-awareness. Hypnotherapy is a process through which a hypnotherapist guides you into a deeply relaxed, yet fully conscious state to access subconscious beliefs and associations to resolve any challenge that you may be facing in your life. These negative subconscious beliefs are transformed into positive thoughts and associations as you come to understand the bigger picture of your situation.

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How Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to bring about positive changes including

  • Increased confidence in both social and professional situations
  • Increased motivation and performance in sport and business
  • Overcome depression and anxiety
  • Relief from blushing, IBS, panic attacks
  • Break negative habits – nail biting, overeating, smoking

Key Outcomes

  • Course introduction and a history of hypnosis
  • Introduction to the subconscious mind
  • Recognizing some of the subtle signs of hypnosis
  • How the subconscious mind accepts suggestions
  • Bypassing conscious awareness when communicating in hypnosis
  • Methods of dream interpretation
  • How to formulate hypnotic suggestions
  • Functions of the subconscious mind


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