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Flip charts or writing on a white board is thing of the past. Today’s audiences expect high impact PowerPoint presentations that keep them engaged. Delivering powerful PowerPoint presentations are the result of knowledge and skills. With the support and guidance from your trainer, you will learn how to create and design your presentations with an approach that reflects your personal style. You will be taught on how to put your slides together in an illustrative, interesting way that does not bore your audience. So, how do you grab and maintain an audience's focus when you're asked to present important information? By being clear, organized, and engaging. And, that is exactly what our PowerPoint course will help you do. Join this exciting course and learn the array of features that will make your presentations look fresh and professional.

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Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

  • Navigate the PowerPoint Environment.
  • Create and Save a PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Use Help.

Lesson 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Select a Presentation Type
  • View and Navigate a Presentation
  • Edit Text
  • Build a Presentation

Lesson 3: Performing Advanced Text Editing

  • Format Characters
  • Format Paragraphs
  • Format Text Boxes

Lesson 4: Adding Graphical Elements to Your Presentation

  • Insert Clip Art and Images
  • Insert Shapes

Lesson 5: Modifying Objects in Your Presentation

  • Edit Objects
  • Format Objects
  • Group Objects
  • Arrange Objects
  • Animate Objects

Lesson 6: Adding Tables to Your Presentation

  • Create a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications

Lesson 7: Adding Charts to Your Presentation

  • Create a Chart
  • Format a Chart
  • Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Lesson 8: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation

  • Review Your Presentation
  • Apply Transitions
  • Print Your Presentation
  • Deliver Your Presentation

Lesson 1: Table and Excel integration in PowerPoint

  • Insert table
  • Excel worksheet integration with PPT

Lesson 2: Customizing Design Templates

  • Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master

Lesson 3: Adding SmartArt to a Presentation

  • Create SmartArt
  • Modify SmartAr

Lesson 4: Working with Media and Animations

  • Add Picture to a Presentation
  • Add Audio to a Presentation
  • Add Video to a Presentation
  • Customize Animations and Transitions

Lesson 5: Customizing a Slide Show

  • Set Up a Slide Show
  • Create a Custom Slide Show
  • Add Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  • Record a Presentation

Lesson 6: Securing a Presentation

  • Secure a Presentation


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