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Multi Language Course

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Our Pom-Made MLC course, will enable you to speak more than one language simultaneously. Yes, you will attend & pay for only one course and learn multiple languages at once. You have a choice of two or three languages. Choose from Italian, French, German and Spanish. Impress your friends & colleagues by becoming a polyglot in less than two months!

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What makes this course so amazing?

  • You will be able to travel throughout the world speaking with confidence and build stronger connections with the local people
  • This course is an excellent workout for your brain and it will enhance analytic & memory skills, amongst others! MLC has been designed by our best Brain Trainers and Cognitive Linguists! 
  • No prior knowledge of any language is required. All you need is your enthusiasm & passion for learning!
  • Pay for one course and learn more than one language

What are the objectives for the level?

By the end of the course, you will be able to communicate basic everyday-life situations in multiple languages. The MLC starter course is a first step towards:

  • further levels on selected courses
  • further levels of one language course discovered in the MLC course. Should you decide to proceed with one language only, the MLC starter course allows you to achieve a deeper understanding of the language chosen, through comparisons with the other/s one/s.

Teaching and Learning methods

  • All fours skills (listen/speaking/writing/reading) are practiced, but the main focus is on the oral production and comprehension.
  • Teaching techniques will vary according to the student's needs. This means that the teacher will choose the strategy that best fits to the students learning style. In this way, your learning experience will become more effective and efficient. The Course materials are provided in stages throughout the course, in order to adapt the content to the precise needs of the student.
  • The Course structure and exercises are designed according to cognitive principles on language acquisition, with the aim to avoid any confusion and mixing-up languages.
  • Guidance in self-studying and homework tasks are offered.


Join us at Pomegranate Institute and learn to speak with a smile!