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APM Project Fundamentals Qualification

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The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) is designed for individuals that would like to gain basic knowledge of projects or people new to project management. It is also relevant for people not directly involved in projects but would like to understand project management processes. This course provides excellent foundations to further study the Project Management Qualification course.

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Our course is taught by leading experts within the Project Management Industry. After successful completion of the course candidates will be able understand the basic principles of project management. Areas covered within the course include


  1. Project Management and the Operating Environment
  2. Project Lifecycle
  3. Management Structure by which Projects Operate
  4. Project Management Planning
  5. Scope Management
  6. Scheduling and Resource Management
  7. Risk Management and Issue Management
  8. Project Quality Management
  9. Communication in the Project Environment
  10. Principles of Leadership and Teamwork


After completion of the course candidates will be able to explain the benefits of project management to an organization and the need to run projects within the APM project management framework. Candidates will have enough knowledge to confidently take the APM examination to gain PFQ qualification.

The course is held over 2 days of class room teaching followed by a 1 hour multiple choice question examination. Courses can be arranged in either your offices or one of our training locations. 


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