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Real Estate Language Course

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Arabic, English & Russian course designed to equip you and your team with the right set of words, phrases & cultural know-how enabling an improved communication with potential & existing real estate clients from all over world.

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Are you feeling a bit confused with the Real Estate language and terminologies in the UAE? Don’t feel despondent, the Real Estate industry has its own language and it is important to learn these terminologies that are used by executives or consultants.

Learning and mastering Real Estate vocabulary and acronyms, together with understanding the cultural differences in this market, will make your choices and decisions that much easier, and before you know it you will be conversing in this lingo without difficulty.

This course is designed to resolve the many questions about Real Estate and provides a basic understanding of the Real Estate market, taking you through the concepts, vocabulary, basic rules, procedure, and your right as a Resident. During the course, delegates will be given case studies to work on as a form of practice.

Understanding this course will give you peace of mind and confidence when dealing with Realtors in the future.


  • Understand the Real Estate Industry in UAE
  • Learn and understand Real Estate terminology
  • Learn and understand Real Estate vocabulary
  • Understand the various concepts
  • Obtain knowledge of the Real Estate process
  • Know the difference – Client- Customer-Agent

Duration: 30 hours


Join us at Pomegranate Institute and learn to speak with a smile!