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The Pearson Test of English (PTE)

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Study or move abroad with the Pearson Test of English!
The Pearson Test is the global leader in computer-based testing. It is trusted by universities, governments and professional bodies around the world as a valid assessment of English proficiency. It is fairly new in the market in comparison to IELTS but has become the favourite choice as it is fast, flexible, fair and secure with a simple process to get started.
Candidates can schedule their test within a short period and receive their results within 5 business days. PTE Academic is assessed using automated scoring technology and candidates are provided with a score from 10-90 overall and across all skills.
The PTE General on the other hand, assesses an individual’s communicative skills of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills through questions using authentically-sourced material.

I am :

PTE Preparation at Pomegranate

At Pomegranate Institute, your trainer will use a range of official course books, audio files and offline practice tests making your preparation understandable with a ‘mock test’ at the end.
Get ready to prepare for your PTE and in no time you will be living your dream!

Who is the course for?

  • The PTE Academic is aimed for non-native English speakers wanting to study abroad or immigrate
  • The PTE General has been created to certify one’s realistic communication skills

What is the objective?

  • The main objective is to achieve the band that is required by the University/Country between 10 - 90

By the end of the course you will :

  • Understand the test format and types of questions
  • Know how much time to spend on each part and;
  • Know how much time is allowed for each question type
  • Understand the layout and how it will be presented on the screen
  • Know how your responses must be recorded
  • Recognise how different questions are presented on the screen
  • You will know what tasks need to be completed and what skills are assessed
  • Learn time saving techniques on the various sections
  • Predict the main ideas in the reading and writing texts
  • Use skimming and scanning when reading for gist
  • Understand the intent of information provided in texts
  • Answer questions fluently with clear pronunciation when recording your speech
  • Use the appropriate grammar and vocabulary to express ideas

How long is the course?

  • Group - 30 hours 
  • Private - 20 Hours

Teaching and Learning Methods :

  • All four skills (speaking, reading, listening & writing) are practiced face to face and online
  • Sources such as newspaper articles, magazines, tv and radio are used
  • Offline Practice tests
  • Coursebooks and audio files
  • Tips on managing computer-based learning


Join us at Pomegranate Institute and learn to speak with a smile!