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The ‘She Blues’ Workshop

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I am :

Women have been fighting through history for their rights in education, job opportunities and simply for enjoying free living and free choices. Modern women have gained lots of these rights, they made the transition from looking after their home on to managing their own business and affecting change. In the past and now in larger numbers we find scientists, artists, lawyers, politicians, journalists, entrepreneurs, CEOs, doctors and many more.

Our grandmothers are proud of where we are at today. Things keep getting better for us women until we have reached a point in our journey as women where we have to stop looking back and decide if we have gone a bit too far. Many questions come to our mind when we see successful modern women struggling in finding their happiness and purpose of life, many of them are torn between career, motherhood and love life.

How did today’s women get disconnected from their essence as a female in their journey for freedom? Are we maybe proving one too many?

Learning Outcomes:

This workshop is designed to address the issues and struggles that face modern women in all aspects of their lives. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Pride and ego - when does it serve you and when it doesn’t
  • Self-image - are you true to yourself?
  • The art of acceptance - how to accept to be loved, respected, and treated like the woman you truly wish to be
  • Making peace with your vulnerability and transforming it to a tool of strength
  • Dealing with expectations and disappointments - when is enough, enough?
  • Unifying body & soul
  • Living the fairy tale love story - one house, one man
  • The integration of the two worlds - modern and determined yet sensitive and vulnerable

Course Methodology and Duration:

This is a full day workshop and the coach will use a PowerPoint presentation, provide worksheets, and use engaging activities and exercises for each topic.


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