Learn French in Dubai

French is commonly described as the most romantic language and we believe this to be true. It is an easy flowing language which demands attention. At Pomegranate Institute, we have the best French classes in Dubai that will help you communicate in the language fluently.

Benefits of Learning French

You can learn French in a short span of time, as the teachers are from countries that speak French which makes the learning process easier. You would be able to visit Paris and immerse yourself in the rich culture. The instructors are well versed in the heritage of France, so you will be sure to get a thorough education in the history and culture of France. Proficiency in the language will also make it easier for you to become multi-lingual by mastering Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Types of French Language Classes

Basic Course Information

The basic level will help you in daily conversation enabling you to speak on select topics. It will also help you communicate your thoughts in a logical way.

Independent Course Information

The independent level focuses on the four skills (reading/ writing/ speaking/ listening). This will help you converse confidently on different topics.

Proficient Course Information

The Proficient level will help you converse in a fluent manner. It will assist you professionally and academically.

Students' Testimonials

I am going to study in France for two years and hence came to Pomegranate Institute to learn French. It took me minimal time and effort as the teachers were extremely skilled and helpful.
The language of French has always fascinated me, and I have tried to learn it on my own, but it did not happen. At this institute, I found out that the right guidance and teaching structure can really go a long way. Thank you, Pomegranate.

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