Learn Hindi

Are you planning a trip to India? Take the opportunity to learn conversational Hindi before your next trip so you can converse with the native speakers of India. Hindi is the official language which is spoken by thousands of Indian people. So, if you have a chance to travel to India, you will become an excellent guide for your team.

Why Learn Hindi?

Hindi is an ancient melodious language which has lots of Indian poetry, literature as well as many sacred texts, and most of these poetries and literature are well worth reading. There are many foreigners who are very interested in watching Indian films but cannot understand the language.

Once you’ve grasped the language, you would be able to converse about the different tantalizing food, culture, travel to exciting places and in general broaden your knowledge. At Pomegranate Institute, we are committed to teaching our students to understand, read and write Hindi using proven methodology.

The teachers will make your every session enjoyable through their great sense of humor, acting, conversation, audio-visuals, games etc. The standards of our teachers are natural and of a high standard.

Types of Hindi Language Courses

Basic Course Information

Basic courses in Hindi help you communicate with others and understand the language better.

Independent Course Information

On completion of the independent level course you will be able converse confidently on various topics.

Proficient Course Information

By the end of the proficient level, you will understand Hindi completely and be able to express yourself in the language.

Cost of Hindi Courses


Semi Private - AED 2,500

Private - AED 4,700


Semi Private - AED 2000

Private - AED 4000

Students' Testimonials

My Dubai colleagues used to make fun of my (what they called) ‘British Hindi’. With the institute’s help I can communicate properly and be understood by everyone in an effortless and short time
I have inquired at many institutes about Hindi and haven’t had clear answers and follow ups. It’s great to have an institute that invests their time and dedication to Hindi for the best practice and learning experience of the student

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