Learn Latin

A great deal of the English vocabulary has been derived from Latin words. By learning where these words came from, you gain a deeper appreciation of the language and a greater understanding of what impact words actually have.

It's not every day that you run into someone who can speak fluent Latin. This language is thousands of years old and has a specific sound to it that stands out from the rest.

Why Learn Latin?

Many will learn to speak Latin for the sheer enjoyment of learning this ancient language. Latin not only helps you to understand complex words but also has an interesting, positive effect on the brain. It has been proven to help teenagers to focus and recall new information.

We have the best teachers, the best location and offer the best overall experience for learning this interesting language. Our teachers will provide suggestions for texts and supplementary materials before the beginning of a program, both group and private.

Types of Latin Language Courses

Basic Course Information

Basic courses in Latin help you communicate with others and understand the language better.

Independent Course Information

On completion of the independent level course you will be able converse confidently on various topics.

Proficient Course Information

By the end of the proficient level, you will understand Latin completely and be able to express yourself in the language.

Cost of Latin Courses


Semi Private - AED 2,500

Private - AED 4,700


Semi Private - AED 2000

Private - AED 4000

Students' Testimonials

Studying Latin at Pomegranate Institute was an amazing experience for me. The atmosphere was perfect for this type of course. The quality of teaching was superb, and the materials used were of great benefit. I can’t wait to continue with the next level to practice all that I’ve learned. I chose the best institute!
I was looking to learn Latin for a long time as not many institutes offer this language until I read the website of Pomegranate Institute and saw that they offered it. I immediately enrolled and I never looked back. The teaching method was quite different to other languages as it included a lot of reading by great authors. We translated from English to Latin and revised words to re-enforce the learning. Thank you Pomegranate, for an interesting course!

How to Register for Latin Courses

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